Testimonials from Customers

Recent feedback we have received from our Australian customers

“Thank you very much for your help with all this. I really appreciate it and will know exactly where to go if we ever need bulk barcodes in the future.” – Alex

“I have purchased from GS1 and just can’t believe how expensive they are, along with their annual fee. I can’t thank you enough for your company, you have made my day:) Im so impressed, you have made it so easy and affordable!” – Joanna W

“Hi David, Woah, thanks for replying ! I didn’t expect it on a Sunday… Most impressed. Will be in touch soon” – Catherine R

“Wow, that was quick! Fantastic. Thanks David :)” – Bronwyn

“Hi David, GS1 are not going to give us back a refund and it works out that they gave us CTINS that we cannot use here. We should have done more research. All our products now have bar codes that were invalid from day 1. Anyway we would like to go ahead with your offer as per the email below and chalk our experience with GS1 up to a very expensive lesson” – Phoebe

“Hi David, Thanks for your prompt reply, we have ordered and paid on-line… as I had been given the task of “researching” the minefield of barcodes, I just wanted to say that I appreciated your very informative and easy to follow website for a “one stop shop”” – Vicki MC

“Hi David, We initially purchased our barcodes from GS1. Of course now we are having to pay the yearly membership price…. We’d love to continue on with Barcodes Australia. I’m presuming we’ll need to arrange for new numbers from you if we cancel the GS1 membership. We’d much rather do that though so can you please let me know the best way I should go about this?” – Meredith R

“Ten years ago when I applied for a Bar Code the paper work was crazy and cost unreal. You have made it very simple procedure” – Tas Imports

“I bought from you as I admired your service. Very professional and so efficient. I had my barcode in no time” -Heather S

“Many thanks for your prompt service. I will not hesitate you contact you again in the future when I need my next barcode!” – Carrie

“What a speedy service, if only everything in this project had been so easy!” – Chris R

“Received! That is AWESOMELY fast! Thank you so much” – Renata

“Thank you David for your prompt and premium service. The barcodes look great!” – Jack Y

“Fantastic service. First time I’ve ever needed something like this, and I couldn’t ask for more helpful support or comprehensive delivery. Awesome” – Rick

“Just a quick note… Lets face it! Not many people seem to know very much about the whole barcoding thing (including me!) Which is why your simple…descriptive…informative website really helped me towards purchasing my first barcode. The other websites somehow seemed to want to make it more complicated than it should be and charge more for the privelege… Your simple, straightforward, uncomplicated approach wins handsdown…everytime”.” Phil R

“Other businesses should look and learn from your approach. Well done…was a pleasure doing business with you! PS…Wish me luck with my new venture and now cross your fingers this little barcode thingy pays for itself real soon!” Phil R

“That’s marvellous David, thanks a lot. That was the first time I’ve needed to get a barcode graphic, had no idea how to, yet within a few minutes on google I hooked up with you and here they are for $30. Magic. I expect to need a few more over the coming months. ” Terry K

“Y’know – that’s pretty amazing service! I asked you a question at 5:30pm and you replied within the hour. I ordered at 6:49pm and closed down for the night. When I turned on my computer early next moring there were my bar codes! Really easy, really fast and a great price! Thanks Mate! ” Colin

“Many thanks for your kindness and for processing our barcode purchase. We are going to be using them on the artwork of a music album that I have produced. Thank YOU for being above and beyond helpful…! I truly appreciate your advice and kind help. ” Sally

“Thank You so much for your INCREDIBLY fast service!!! I was blown away when I had the barcode within a couple of hours from sending it! Wow! Thank You so much for your help with this. PS: I will soon be placing more orders for barcodes for further ISBN numbers. Bought a block of 10! ” Carolina

“Thanks for the advice, and for getting back to me so quickly. Its a bit new to me approaching retailers, and Ive only just started looking into the greeting card project, and I appreciate your advice. I’ll be in touch. ” Luke O’B

“Thank you for the extra work you have done, we are very happy with your customer service. ” Cherie S

“sh.t mate, how the f… did I do that???? Sorry about that, I thought that I did so well too!! We meant to get it from you and thought we had! We will keep your details for next time. (they purchased from another company) ” Craig H

“Many thanks. We will cancel GSI and in the future contact you. ” Gary P

“Just wanted to let you know we have just received the labels…thank you…..Anyway l just wanted to thank you again for everything! ” Lisa G

“Can I just say, a big thank you to you guys. I have just found your site, read your home page & am in that exact position. What a relief to find your site. I will definitely be in touch shortly. ” Danielle H

“Just letting you know that I received the Barcodes today. Thank you again for your attentive service. ” Russell B

” Thank you so much for this! Your help (and knowledge) is very much appreciated!! ” Joanne

“So quick! Thanks! It’s a nice change to have something done so quickly 🙂 ” Christopher D

“Hi David, you’re a star… Thanks again for your speedy service. I’ll be back to you again in a few months when we expand the range again. ” Carly

“Thanks so much David, thank you for getting back to me so quickly 🙂 ” Rebecca B

“Thank you for your encouragement and prompt reply. We have a meeting at the end of this week which will establish how many barcodes we will require so I shall contact you as soon as I have further confirmation. This is not as complicated now as I first thought……….thankyou! ” Beverly B

“Hi David, Thanks for the barcodes. I need to order another one… I also bought four from you a couple of years ago, we haven’t had any problems with them. ” Melissa W – New South Wales

“This is fantastic – thanks so much for sending this through Amelia – and for the refund! Will make sure all the guys here at the office know about your service! ” Amanda I – New South Wales

“Thanks David, Impressive Service, we know where to come for future orders ” Sam D – Sydney

“Thanks for email. We finally tested bar code and it was working fine. We will print and attach on our product from today. I am really happy with your company especially when I had no idea about bar code, I read through your website also got fast answer from you, it took just few hours to get bar code successfully from you. Everything such as price, payment method and customer service I had was very much satisfied. And I realized how it was easy and fast to get it. I also found few other website but it didn’t give me enough information and I was still confused. Once we settled with first bar code we will order some more in the future. ” Eun

“Hi David. Once again thank you great service, I wont hesitate in recommending your company to other colleges. ” Ross T

“Thanks for the prompt service. I know you probably hear it all the time but I so apprecitate being rescued from the GS1 site and all the quagmire I was trawling through just to get 6 bar codes. ” Jo C

“Thank you very much for you prompt professional service, I am sure we will use your Company again ” Ross T

“Many Many thanks David ” Lynette H – South Australia

“Thanx for that David! Will run the code past our magazine distributors and let you know should there be any dramas. Thanx again! ” Matthew D – Queensland

” Many thanks for your prompt, courteous and (above all) effective reply. We have a little more investigation to do at this end to discover any idiosyncratic foibles in our retailers, but once this has been ironed-out, we shall be in contact again with our order. ” Les & Mira – Western Australia

“Thank you David. I will certainly be promoting your business to my colleagues…and no doubt I will be in touch to purchase additional bar codes. ” Lyn H

“A great supplier of barcodes is Barcodes Australia. Talk to David Allis, he’s very helpful. You can purchase as many or as little as you need, there’s no joining or annual fees, and the service is good. ” Aileen P

“Thanks David for being understanding: I get so frustrated with the bloody programmers that write programs and don’t include industry standard formats so you can run a seamless operation. I have sent the company that supplies this software an email and asked that same question. I will try your suggestions and see if I can save the label and bar code into a format the label program accepts. Thanks again. ” Neil H

“Thanks for a great service David, you turned a ‘could be’ cumbersome job for me into an efficient easy service. ” Sylvia G

“Fantastic David, You have made our day! After I left the message I actually found the pdf on your site and downloaded it. ….Dohh! …just goes to show look first before you ask! thankyou very much again for your assistance with this. ” Andre M

“Thanks you so much David!! It may be a while until the next book but I’ll know where to go 🙂 ” Christine A

“Thanks for the prompt email. I appreciate it. I’ll even include a little quote you can post on your website if you wish: “Barcodes Australia. Their service is inimitably rad! Use them, and you will smile.” ” Nigel W – Victoria

“Just want to say thanks for your prompt service. Because of your quick supply I was able to proceed with production of my product without delay. This means that I can meet the deadline for distribution (in short… everyone is happy!) etc. I’ll be recommending you and your business to others that I deal with! ” Brenton K

“ASAP it is. you weren’t kidding. thanks for everything ” Marwan

“Thanks David, a very prompt service , thanks for all the quick replys to questions. ” Jason H

“Great, thank you! Much appreciated and I’ll be back for more a bit later on. ” Kathie T

“Thanks for much an efficient service. All arrived safely and I believe I have everything I need. Till my next barcode, then! Best wishes and thank you for the personal attention. ” Lyle C

“Thanks for all your help. Very impressed with the service and quick purchase. Would highly recommend you, and shall look forward to doing business with you in the future. ” Andrew H

“I found Barcodes Australia on the internet when looking to purchase a barcode for my latest CD. The site answered all of my questions quickly and throughly and within 15 minutes I had purchased a barcode and it was emailed to me within the next half hour! What fantastic service and all at a reasonable one off cost. I will definitely be recommending this service to my friends and colleagues, giving them a big wrap. Use these guys, you won’t be disappointed. ” Elizabeth P

“Barcodes Australia made it really easy to purchase barcodes / barcode artwork. It is such a necessary service and for people like me that wouldn’t even know where to start, they make it accessible and efficient. The service was very friendly and they were really quick and efficient to fill my order. I have been delighted with Barcodes Australia and I will use them again in the future. Thank you Barcodes Australia! ” Kate O’C

“Thank you for your very speedy attention to my request for an ISSN image. It is greatly appreciated. I will most certainly remember your company in future. ” Greg W

“I cannot believe how quickly you did this. As someone who had absolutely no idea how to get a bar code I found your website very clear and helpful and the speed of service spectacular. I will definitely be in touch next time I need one. ” Ali B

“We required a barcode urgently for our latest CD release and Barcodes Australia provided us with a barcode the same day that we ordered it. This allowed us to keep to our deadline and was delivered with courteous and professional service. We will use them again for subsequent releases ” Andrew T

“A rapid, simple, and effective way of obtaining a barcode or two without involving one-self in the initial expense and then the on-going financial obligation that not all of us want nor need to spend. Thank you ” Miles Y

“What a fantastic service. Affordable, reliable and very fast. I got my barcode within an hour of logging onto the site and I am most impressed. My product is an Aluminium Gutter Guard that is strong, durable, fire proof and long lasting, but takes minutes to install. It is a one product sales route so to have to buy 100 codes at a high rate and join a club is out of the question. Buying from Barcodes Ltd means I keep my overheads low, which means I can maintain a cost effective end product while maintaining a high degree of professionalism. Well done. I will be recommending your company to anyone who wants a barcode!!” ” Anthony C

“Great service, exactly as advertised. Was very impressed by the fast turnaround. Highly recommended if you need barcodes and don’t want to pay through the nose. ” Chris L

“Through another company, we were previously a subscriber to EAN for barcodes. As a small producer and marketer of tropical fruits, the $600+ every year was a major impost, along with all the other legislative compliance we were required to meet. However, what really irked was the confusion that arose every time we wanted to introduce another barcode. Even though we supposedly had thousands allocated to us, how to get one printed on a label was a machivalean process. The service you provide – one barcode, one price, delivered tomorrow – is the way we like to do business. EAN might work for international conglomerates, but it confused heck out of us ” Keith N

“Fantastic fast and personalised service, just when I needed it the most. Thank you! ” Vimala D

“Thank you for the time taken to explain this. I have had a look at GS1 but found it to be a joke!! in terms of $$$. Considering I only need 4 barcodes at this stage. And with a start up, you need to watch cash wherever you can. After having another look around I found your business which is great help. ” Armin O

“Thank you David and Amelia, I now feel totally reassured and will go ahead and purchase the barcode! Have a fabulous Christmas! ” Kristina C

“Hey guys, it seems as though I am in some luck after finding your website. the other joints seem pretty bloody dear for a bar-code. I like your business mission. I agree it shouldn’t be this hard to get a barcode. However it has been so far. ” John G

“Thank You! They where just on time for printing! will come back for sure ” Theo S

“Thank You David, Great service, will definitely recommend your company. ” Chad D

“Thanks David. You make this so EASY! Have the BEST day 🙂 ” Colin G

“Hi David – thank you for the awesome service levels – we really appreciate it and will continue to recommend your business. ” David O

“Hi David, Many thanks for the “lightning-fast” service!!! 🙂 Cheers! ” Glenn A

“Hi, I really enjoyed reading your website, which I accidentally opened! Glad I did. ” Lin

“OK, thanks for confirming. Appreciate the quick service too. =:O) ” Gina G

“Thanks for turning these around so promptly. ” Ian S

“Thanks david, exactly what I needed. ” Nadia H

“Thanks David, If my product gets going I will use your service again. ” Ben L

“Hi David, I just wanted to say thank you for great fast service! We will be in touch in the future. Many thanks ” Carly

“Excellent thanks for you help David ” Kirk P

“Its working now. Will be buying more from you soon ” Omar

“Thanks Amelia, prompt service as always ” Terri T – Queensland

“Thank you for your prompt service, Amelia. There will be more to come! God bless you and have a great day! ” Jim P

“Thanks very much for your excellent service and advice. ” Gregg E

“Thank you very much for getting that done so quickly. ” Rhiannon H – Victoria

“All the info on your web site is great…… Thanks for your help, much appreciated. ” Danise – NSW

“Thank you for processing our request so quickly ” Lisa

“Thank you for the great service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. ” Glen R

“Thank you for the quick response and service. I will tell my colleagues about your site. ” Simone LeA

“Thanks very much, i am really impressed with the service and the quick responses all the best and thanks again. ” Aicha

“Thanks for the quick turnaround. Cheers ” Richelle M

“Hi David, thank you for your efficiency! ” Brooke D

“Hi David, All received – and great service. Thank you ” Michael K

“Thanks David, superbly fast, Cheers, John ” John D

“Fantastic – thanks so much! ” Amanda

“Great, Thanks David – appreciate your assistance and promptness. ” Helen

“You are the best…thanks! ” Lisa G & Peter D

“Thanks for your help, David, and the quick turn around ” Blaise

“Thank you so much for quick reply, fantastic service. ” Carly C – Victoria

“Thank you very much for quick service. I received it Friday. have a great day ” Nimali

“Sweet! Thanks barcode guy 🙂 ” Riley


And our favourite from George J. Laurer in the US (inventor of the UPC) “You have the nicest site of those selling barcodes that I have seen”.


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