Barcode Numbers

If you need barcode numbers only (without the barcode images*), please order them below. We will send your barcode numbers to you via email.

  • EAN-13 Barcode Numbers

    INSTANT EMAIL DELIVERY of your EAN-13 barcode numbers and a PDF Guarantee Certificate (which states that you are the sole legal owner of your barcode numbers).

    This product comes with free barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    Please note that this product is for the barcode numbers only, it does not include the barcode images. Purchase this item if you only need the barcode numbers (e.g. if you can create the barcode images yourself, or you are selling in online stores only and don’t need the barcode image).

    QuantityPrice per Barcode
    1$ 65
    2$ 55 each
    3$ 48 each
    4 +$ 42 each
    5 +$ 37 each
    10 +$ 33 each
    15 +$ 28 each
    20 +$ 23 each
    30 +$ 18 each
    40 +$ 15 each
    50 +$ 13 each
    100 +Please contact us


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* Barcode images = the actual barcode picture that gets scanned at the checkout (vertical black bars and spaces with the barcode number printed underneath). If you do require these, you can purchase barcode packages (incl the images and a guarantee certificate) here.


Note: If you find out later that you need the barcode images as well, that’s fine – you can come back to us & order the barcode images when you need them (you can order the barcode images here). We will email the barcode images to you in 4 different formats, and you can then incorporate the barcode image into the design for your label or packaging.


“This is fantastic – thanks so much for sending this through Amelia – and for the refund! Will make sure all the guys here at the office know about your service!” Amanda I

“Thanks David, a very prompt service, thanks for all the quick replies to questions.” Jason H