EAN-13 Barcode Packages

Need a barcode for your product? Buy an EAN-13 barcode below. (These are the same barcode packages as on our retail barcodes page)

EAN-13 barcodes are used on all retail products with the exception of books and magazines. These are used internationally as the most common type of barcode, except for in the USA and Canada where UPC barcode are more common. If you are planning on selling your barcode in the USA or Canada you may wish to consider buying a UPC Barcode instead.

If you are intending to list on Amazon, please see the latest information here

If you buy a barcode package from us below, you will receive:
1. A unique EAN-13 barcode number;
2. Barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpeg, png, svg & pdf); and
3. A guarantee certificate
4. Barcode Registration

  • EAN-13 Retail Barcode Packages

    Instant email delivery – You will receive an email containing your unique EAN-13 barcode numbers, barcode images (in 4 formats: jpeg, png, svg & pdf), barcode registration instructions, and a barcode ownership certificate.

    This product comes with free registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 $ 75
    2 $ 65 each
    3 $ 58 each
    4 + $ 52 each
    5 + $ 45 each
    10 + $ 37 each
    15 + $ 31 each
    20 + $ 25 each
    30 + $ 21 each
    40 + $ 18 each
    50 + $ 15 each
    100 + $9 each NOW ONLY $8.25 each
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Using your barcode:

Once you have your barcode, the next step is to simply incorporate the barcode into your product packaging. It needs to be incorporated in an easily visible flat location. You can also change the size at this stage if you want (or ask us when buying the barcode), however, you shouldn’t reduce the overall size below 30X20mm if it can be avoided. See barcode dimensions for more details.

No product information is needed for us to assign you the barcode. This is all done at the retailers end, who will receive your product and scan the barcode into their system. We will request information for barcode registration when we send you your barcode. This is an optional additional service we offer to increase the internet profile of your product.

Need help?

Here are some common questions:

It is best practice to get a different barcode for each product or product variation. This is because stores use barcodes for two primary purposes: 1. Barcodes are used for obtaining the price of the product when scanned at the checkout. 2. Barcodes are used for keeping track of stock and deciding when to reorder an item.

This means that if the retailers only use barcodes for option 1, you can get away with having the same barcode for 2 product variations (i.e. different colours of the same product), however if the retailer uses barcodes for option 2 as well, then a different barcode will be required for each product variation.

In general retailers prefer to stock products that will be straight forward to manage. Some retailers may prefer not to stock products if they have to manually count how many are left of each size and reorder accordingly. Therefore is is recommended that you have a different barcode for each variation.

Yes they will. We can supply both EAN-13 Barcodes (which are used worldwide) and UPC-A Barcodes (USA and Canada).

Our barcodes are accepted in nearly all stores worldwide, however there are a few exceptions. For further details, please see Barcode Acceptance.

 If you’re not sure which kind of barcode you need for your product, our quick rule of thumb is as follows:
Selling in the USA = UPC-A
Selling internationally = EAN-13

“Hi there, thanks for a website that works, has clear information and manages to be friendly at the same time. I’d like to order two barcodes from you and pay by bank transfer.” Glyn – No problem, just contact us if you want to pay into our bank account.