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Pallet barcodes are used on the pallet packaging. Hence if you are not sending product by pallet you many not need pallet barcodes. In this case you may need an ITF-14 carton code instead.

Pallet barcodes are mainly required by larger retailers, particularly supermarkets or any other company using a large distribution centre such as McDonalds.

Pallet barcodes are normally needed as a pair of barcodes;  a GS128 and an SSCC.

Sometimes you may just need a new SSCC for a new pallet code as you already have the GS128 barcode for that stock.

The GS128 barcode encodes multiple data such as expiry dates, batch number, quantity as well as EAN or UPC number for a product.

The SSCC barcode is a unique number. Retailers use the SSCC to identify each pallet coming into their distribution centre or warehouse.

Images below shows examples of GS128 (top) and SSCC (bottom)


sample GS128 pallet code







sample pallet label SSCC 079471248950000026





Work out how many you need. Purchase the quantity you want, and we will send you an email with an online form to input the data you want encoded. Once you have provided the required information, we will send the barcode images to you in 5 formats (tif, bmp, jpg, pdf & eps formats). We can provide additional formats upon request.

Quantity Price per barcode
1 $ 30
2 $ 25
3 $ 20
4 + $15


Application Identifiers (AI’s)

GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs) are numeric prefixes used in barcodes and EPC/RFID-tags to define the meaning and format of encoded data elements.

Some of the most commonly used  AIs are:

00 – SSCC

01 – GTIN

10 – Batch number

17 – Expiry date

37 – Number of Units (Count)

Here is Woolworth’s pallet code requirements.

Pallet Barcodes


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