93 Barcode Numbers

Bacode numbers beginning with 93 come directly from GS1 Australia. The only legal way to get these is to join GS1. This means paying both a joining fee and annual membership fees to GS1 – which can amount to a lot, especially for small businesses. Many people mistakenly think that the country of origin of the barcode numbers relates to the country of origin of the product, however in reality products that come from Australia can have any type of barcode on them, and equally products manufactured in other countries, or even by foreign companies can obtain 93 numbers through GS1 Australia easily.

This is an urban myth that won’t die. Please see this Snopes article on the origins of this myth as well as a a debunking of it.

All barcodes and barcode systems are designed for international use, so there are virtually no restrictions based on the country of origin world wide. Any specific examples of stores placing any type of restrictions on barcodes can be seen here.