Sequential Barcode Labels 

Do you need a roll of adhesive sequential barcode labels? Purchase your labels below…

Sequential barcode labels are suitable for:
– Asset Labeling
– Membership Cards
– Library Books (for internal library use)

Our barcode labels are high quality, and have a glossy surface. They are suitable for use on refrigerated products (the application temperature of the labels is 10 °C or more, but after being applied to the products the labels can cope with temperatures down to -40 °C).

After you place your order, please let us know what sequence that you want for your labels (numeric or alphanumeric). For example, a sequence for 500 labels could be “1000 – 1499” or “AB 1000 – AB 1499”. A line of text can be printed above the barcode bars (eg. your company name), if required.

Please allow 3 days for printing and 3-4 days for delivery.

Need labels for outdoor use? We can supply Yupo label stock for outdoor environments. Yupo won’t break down when it gets wet, has a stronger adhesive and is marine grade (BS-5609). Yupo is approximately 30% more expensive. Please contact us for a quote. Please allow 4 days for printing and 3 days for delivery.

  • 500 Sequential Barcode Labels

    • 500x sequential barcode labels 20mm x 33mm (or 25X40mm – please specify in extra note section during checkout) – Other sizes are available on request
    • (suitable for asset labeling; membership card barcoding; internal library barcoding etc)
    • Email us the sequential numbers you require* (or enter them into the “additional information” section of the payment form)

    Price:  $93

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  • 1000 Sequential Barcode Labels

    • 1000x sequential sticky barcode labels
    • Suitable for asset labelling; membership card barcoding; internal library barcoding etc
    • Please enter the sequential numbers you require into the “additional information” section when you get to the checkout page
    • Labels will be a standard size of 20mm x 33mm (unless you request a different size in the additional information section during checkout)
    • Other sizes that are available on request are: 28mm x 32mm, 25mm x 40mm, or 36mm x 51mm.
    Quantity Price (per 1000 labels)
    1 $ 114
    2 $ 109
    3 $ 105
    4 $ 101
    5 $ 96
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