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Step into the Universe of Barcodes, QR Codes, and GTINs with Our Down-to-Earth Guides

Barcodes: As common a sight as a kangaroo in the bush. From the snacks we grab at the servo to the books we snag from the local library, these unmistakable black-and-white patterns are ingrained in our Aussie way of life. But how many of us really know how to create, scan, or troubleshoot them? Don’t let those lines and dots baffle you. Tap into the potential of barcodes to boost your business operations, keep track of stock, or just satisfy your inner tech geek. Kick off your barcode adventure with us. Check out our straightforward barcode video tutorials and turn those seemingly simple patterns into powerful tools for communication and trade.

Why Our Tutorials?

  1. From Rookie to Pro: Our video lineup takes you from the basics right up to expert level.
  2. For Every Aussie: Whether you’re a shop owner, librarian, or just a curious bloke or sheila, our videos have got you covered.
  3. Plain and Simple Instructions: Each tutorial breaks down the tricky bits into clear, bite-sized steps, complemented by clear visuals.
  4. Solving the Sticky Bits: Barcode playing up? Our videos will guide you through common hiccups and their fixes.





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Help Videos: Making barcodes simple, one video at a time.