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Asset & Workflow Tracking

Barcoding your assets can make a difference. Firstly, they speed processes up, freeing up your time. Secondly, barcodes improve accuracy. Finally, asset tracking can save you money in the long run as you are less likely to lose assets.

We receive lots of calls about asset tracking and workflow processes. We don’t supply asset software or hardware such as scanners. However, we do supply labels for your assets or processes.

Some of our clients include schools, companies, hire companies, emergency services and armed forces. They use them on equipment, library books, heat pumps, tools, accounts and any other asset that they need to keep track of. Many are repeat customers who find that barcoding has made significant efficiencies in their work.

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Here are some valuable resources we have come across.

Fire and HVAC industry asset software

Uptick is a modern asset maintenance software purpose-built for the fire and HVAC industries. Maintenance software tailored for the fire protection industry. From automating field jobs to generating instant reports and quotes, Uptick empowers fire protection businesses to operate confidently every day.

Pest Control

PestScan is software, a technician app, and a customer portal that meets all the requirements of IPM. You can also see reports from various digital traps coming into PestScan. You can work simultaneously at the office with several technicians in their apps and many customers in the portal. The app can be used offline, enabling you to continue working in places without internet, such as basements or remote countryside. All information is stored in an organized way because everybody works in the same pest control management software system.


Hoist A free asset tracking and management app for individuals and organisations. Hoist Pro for multiple assets, team members and sites.

Workflow & Inventory

3 pm – software streamlines workflow and job management processes, including quotes, sales, job management, inventory and human resources.


TEC-IT Rapid Inventory—free for up to 100 items. It can also synch with Google Docs. (Look for it in App stores.)

Sortly – free up to 100 items

Agiloft – monthly fees apply

Asset Tiger is a cloud-based asset management tool; however, please see the conditions of access before a fee is charged.

EZ Office Inventory is a complete asset management solution that includes a comprehensive log for each asset from procurement to retirement.


My ApiaryProductivity software for commercial beekeepers.

Toy Libraries

SETLS is a toy library management system designed to meet the needs of toy libraries.

Library Catalogue

Koha is the world’s first free and open-source library system.


Share My Toolbox – Cloud-based tool inventory. Check their website for fees.

Asset labels for inventory, library, etc

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