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Barcode Scanning

Barcodes do not encode product or company information. They are simply unique numbers. It is product databases that hold the information. Retailers don’t rely on barcode scanning apps or external barcode databases in order to get product information. Each retailer will load information into their own store database, so this is how each retailer can charge a different price and stock a different quantity. It tends to be customers who use scanning apps. There are many different scanning apps out there. Most search in the closest and biggest databases. It is very common for no information to show from a barcode search.

Our barcodes include internet registration

Once you have registered your barcodes on the internet, you can use a barcode scanning app on your smartphone. The information you register will also show on a Google search. This gives your products more profile. Additionally, a registered barcode is less likely to be misused.

Is barcode registration compulsory?

Barcode registration is not compulsory (your barcodes will work without it). However, there are many benefits to getting your barcodes & products registered. Once your barcode numbers and product details are registered on the major barcode/product databases on the internet, they will join the millions of products currently in these databases. This means that if your barcode number is searched for on these databases, your product details appear, and once the search engines have done their indexing, an internet search (or a smartphone app scan – depending on the app used) of your barcode will find your product. 

Barcode Scanning Apps

The leading market app is the Zebra Barcode Scanner which searches BarcodesDatabase.org and other major barcode databases on the Internet; IBNREG.org, Amazon.com, UPCdatabase.org and various others.  This means that you have the highest chance of returning the product information of any barcode that you scan. Click here to go to the app. Save the app to your phone’s home screen.

Didn’t get your barcodes from us? We can still register them.