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The EAN barcodes that we supply are suitable for any retail product in Australia and worldwide. They can be used in normal retail stores and online stores (e.g. Amazon, CD Baby,

Our barcodes are being used on thousands of products in Australia and worldwide. Some of the products that are using our barcodes include:

TechnologyOppo Mobile phones

Clothing – support your team and have toastie feet with branded Uggs from Team Uggs, The Mad Hueys menswear, casual wear, super cool shoelaces by Miggsy Shoelaces

Baby Products – natural relief products for eczema by Itchy Baby Co, clothing, slings

Food & Drink Products – beer (check out the great beers at 2 Brothers Brewing), amazing Melbourne-based CacaoChocolates, biscuits, Kangaroo Island free-range eggs, drinks such as the huge range at Metro Beverage Company, honey, Tasmania-based Lawrenny Distillers, get inspired with wonderful smoothies at Health Mummy website, speciality foods, gluten-free foods such as Willunga Pasta, the ethically-sourced seafood at ProSeaFoods, olive oil, sauces and marinades from Perth-based Latasha’s Kitchen, seeds, mushroom-growing kits by lifecykel

Giftware – souvenirs, see the stunning art by Melbourne-based Marini Ferlazzo, greeting cards and wrapping paper by Arty Hearts, videos, diaries, photographs, coupons, artwork, vouchers, magazines; books

CDs & DVDs – music albums, audiobooks, documentary DVDs, Language CDs

Other Productssunglasses, safety equipment, cooling towels by Chilly Towel, coffee machines with a difference check out Trinity Coffee, everything a motorsport fan could want at Motorsport Distributors Group, software, environmental air technologies by Aeris Environmental, weighing instruments, kitchen equipment by Optimum Appliances, body care, cleaning products such as the lovely natural products made by Euclove® Clean Pty Ltd and Metro Rags & Spills





Congratulations to the following award-winning clients; Gelato Gelato, KOKOPOD Chocolate, Melbourne Hot SaucePoppysmack in the Australian Food Awards, and our clients who made it onto the Shark Tank TV show.

Many of our customers are using our barcodes on Amazon.

Below are some of the CDs & DVDs that are using our barcodes:

Examples of CDs that are using our barcodes

Below are some of the magazines that are using our ISSN images:

Examples of Magazines using our Barcodes


Below are some of the books that are using our ISBN images:

Examples of Books that we have created ISBN barcode images for


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