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International Barcode Registry

The International Barcode Registry is a cloud-based service. It gives access to product information online. Barcodes listed on the Registry are first checked for ownership before they are admitted. The barcodes must have been purchased legally and proof supplied.

Product information is uploaded by the company directly, so it can be trusted to be accurate. By simply typing a product barcode number into IBNREG, anyone can find the owner’s contact information and/or product information for that barcode number.

Who Uses IBNREG?

  • Consumers looking for more product information.
  • Consumers looking for more manufacturer information.
  • Buyers in retail stores looking for contact information when sourcing new products.
  • App designers looking for sources of information about retail barcode numbers.
  • Distributors checking the legitimacy of products they are considering distributing.
  • Online retailers (e.g. Amazon) wanting to check the accuracy of information about products listed for sale.

Add your products to the International Barcode Registry.

Barcode registration is not compulsory. Your barcodes will work without it. However, there are many benefits. Once registered on the major barcode/product databases on the internet, your products will join the millions of products currently registered in these databases. Your product details appear after a search. You can even add a photo of your product. In addition, once the search engines have done their indexing, an internet search (or a smartphone app scan – depending on the app used) of your barcode will find your product. Registration also reduces the chance of someone else using your barcode number. Click here for more information on barcode scanning apps.

If you obtained your barcodes elsewhere, you can still list them on the registry.

Barcodes purchased directly from us include registration.

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