Barcodes for Container Deposit SchemesCan for recycling in CDS

Our barcodes are suitable for use in the Container Deposit Schemes.

CDS databases use barcodes (EAN and UPC) as the container identifier.

Container Deposit Schemes [CDS] are also known as Container Refund Schemes [CRS] or Deposit Return Schemes [DRS]. They are now standard across Australia with the beverage industry taking responsibility for recovering and recycling empty beverage containers.

CDS are part of an environmental management strategy that reduces the number of beverage containers entering our environment or landfills, increases recycling rates, and creates a clean waste stream to drive a circular economy.

Many clients use our barcodes on their beer, spirit, kombucha and juice containers. Our barcodes are compatible with CDS systems.

e.g. Noosa Beer, Bailey Brewing, Mr Banks Brewing, Mailer McGuire Kombucha

CDS Schemes

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