How to Use Your Barcode

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After we receive your barcode order, we will send your new barcode to you via email. If you purchased a Barcode Package from us,
you will receive an email containing:
a. Your unique 13-digit EAN barcode number;
b. Your barcode images (in 5 different formats – jpeg, eps, pdf, tiff & bmp);
c. A guarantee certificate; and
d. Barcode registration instructions

After you receive your barcode, you can begin using it immediately – just follow the steps below.

1. Insert the barcode image into the design your product packaging or label

Choose the image format you prefer (jpeg, eps, pdf, tiff or bmp), and insert the barcode image into the design for your product packaging or label, before printing (if your packaging has already been printed, you can purchase sticky barcode labels for your number from us).

The preferred barcode orientation is usually “picket fence” (vertical bars with the barcode number printed at the bottom, as in the example barcode above). However, if your barcode is going onto a curved surface (e.g. a bottle or cylinder) then it’s best to rotate the barcode 90 degrees so that it is like a ladder (horizontal bars, with the barcode number on either the left or right). For more information please read “How to Position your Barcode on the Packaging“.

2. Edit the barcode image (if you want to)

If you want to resize your barcode please make sure the barcode complies with the official barcode dimensions.The smallest officially recommended barcode size (for EAN barcodes) is approximately 23mm x 30mm. If your barcode is too small, some scanners may not be able to read it. If you are resizing or truncating the barcode image we gave you, please pay attention to the official barcode dimensions.

If you want to change the colour of your barcode please see our Barcode Colour Guide PDF.

If you want to customise the design of your barcode please see some examples of barcode artwork here.

3. Print your product packaging or label

Get your product packaging, or labels, printed.

4. Get your barcode verified (if necessary)

Some retailers require barcode verification. If your retailers require this, you will need to order barcode verification from our company & then email your final printed barcode to us (on it’s packaging or label). We will get your barcode verified by an indepedent accredited verification company, and then we will email the report to you.

5. Finally, give your product to your retailers

Your barcode will just be a blank number (it will not contain any product information). When you give your product to your retailers, they will enter the product details into their inventory system (description, price, reordering information). After that, when your barcode is scanned, your product details will appear on their computer screen.

If your product description or price changes, just let your retailers know – they will change the product information that is stored in their system.

If you buy a barcode from our company, the cost is one-off (we don’t charge any annual membership fees), and the barcode is yours for life.

6. Register your barcode (optional)

Barcode registration is a free service that we offer to customers who purchase a Barcode Package from our company. Your barcode email will contain instructions for how to register your barcode on the International Barcodes Database. Barcode registration is optional – you don’t need to register your barcode if you don’t want to.


Additional Resources

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