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Barcodes Registration

Barcodes Registration is for people who already have barcode numbers. If you need a barcode, please GO TO THESE OTHER PAGES for EAN barcodes or UPC barcodes.

Registration is an optional service for barcode numbers you already legally own from another barcode reseller or under license from GS1. If you purchase this item, we will NOT send you a barcode number – but rather, we will ask you what your existing barcode number is and what your product details are. Barcodes purchased from us include registration.

If you purchase “Barcodes Registration”  here AND provide us with proof that you are the owner of your barcode number, we will give you instructions on registering your barcode on the International Barcodes Database. Information submitted to that database gets sent to several other similar barcode databases as well.

  • Register your Barcode Number & Product

    Barcodes Database
    Purchase this item to register your barcode number and product details on the International Barcodes Database

    You can enter your barcode number into the “additional information” section when you check out. we will email you to request proof of barcode ownership, once we receive proof that you own your barcode we will send you instructions for how to register your barcode number.

    Please note that Registration is included if you purchase an EAN or UPC barcode package or barcode number from us – therefore you only need to purchase Registration if you got your EAN or UPC barcode number from a different company, or if you have an ISBN or ISSN number that you’d like to register.


    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 +  $ 20 each
    5 +  $ 18 each
    10 +  $ 16 each
    20 +  $ 14 each
    30 +  $ 12 each
    50 +  $ 10 each

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Is barcodes registration compulsory?

Barcode registration is not compulsory (your barcodes will work without it). However, there are many benefits to getting your barcodes & products registered. Once your barcode numbers and product details are registered on the major barcode/product databases on the internet, they will join the millions of products currently registered in these databases. This means that if your barcode number is searched for on these databases, your product details appear, and once the search engines have done their indexing, an internet search (or a smartphone app scan – depending on the app used) of your barcode will find your product. Click here for more information on barcode scanning apps.

Note – We include barcode registration with all barcode packages. So you will only need to buy this if you have purchased your barcode from another company or an individual barcode number through us.

“We are a small business and my husband ‘purchased’ barcodes (2 only) for our products that we distribute, however the company are now asking for $551 per annum! Can you help us to achieve the same result, for a one off cost, as advertised? ” Marg R YES WE CAN!

Barcodes Registration at Barcodes Database