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  • Buy Barcodes – Purchase Barcodes from Barcodes Australia
  • Why Buy from Barcodes Australia? – the advantages of purchasing with Barcodes Australia
  • Amazon barcodes – Here, you can purchase barcode numbers for your product to be used with Amazon and other online stores.
  • Book and magazine barcodes – Here, you can arrange for barcodes to be created for your ISBN (books) or ISSN (Magazine) numbers. You can also find information on obtaining these numbers if you don’t already have them.
  • CD barcodes – Here, you can purchase barcode packages for your tracks or albums (for retail stores or online stores such as Itunes).
  • DVD Barcodes – Purchase barcodes for your DVD (for retail stores or online stores i.e. Amazon)
  • Barcode labels – Purchase sticky barcode labels to be manually applied to your product if your product packaging has already been printed without barcodes.
  • Barcode prices – Here you can find out the prices of all of our different products. This will give you an idea of the total cost you.
  • Products using our barcodes – Here is a selection of various products using our barcodes. This is only a sample as we have far too many products to show all of them.