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To sell your products on you need a barcode number to use as a unique identifier for your product, and our barcode numbers are ideal for this. We have contacted Amazon and they advise that our barcodes are suitable for sales on their sites. We have many happy customers using our barcode numbers to sell their products on Amazon (for some examples, please follow these links: music album, baby t-shirt, & toy shed). Our barcodes can be used both in online retail stores (such as Amazon), and in physical retail stores, both in Australia & worldwide.

  • Barcode Numbers for Amazon

    EAN-13 barcode numbers suitable for use on Amazon.

    Instant email delivery – You will receive your unique EAN-13 barcode numbers for Amazon by email within seconds. You will also receive a PDF certificate as proof of barcode ownership. This product does not include the barcode images (if you need barcode images as well as barcode numbers please order “EAN-13 barcode packages” instead).

    This product comes with free barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    QuantityPrice per Barcode
    1$ 65
    2$ 55 each
    3$ 48 each
    4 +$ 42 each
    5 +$ 37 each
    10 +$ 33 each
    15 +$ 28 each
    20 +$ 23 each
    30 +$ 18 each
    40 +$ 15 each
    50 +$ 13 each
    100 +Please contact us


“How do I use my barcode on Amazon?”

After you make your order, you will receive a unique EAN-13 barcode number(s) via email

We process orders quickly (usually within 1-6 hours).

After receiving your barcode numbers, you can begin using them immediately: just assign them to your products, and then enter the barcode number into the online form when listing each of your products on Amazon.

Once Amazon has received your listing, they will then also assign their own unique code to your product (this is called an ASIN or Amazon Standard Identification Number).

If you are storing and dispatching the products yourself, you won’t need to put the barcode image onto your product (but you can if you wish to). However, if you are using the Amazon warehousing & dispatch arrangements, you will need to put put the barcode image onto your product.

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“A rapid, simple, and effective way of obtaining a barcode or two without involving one-self in the initial expense and then the on-going financial obligation that not all of us want nor need to spend. Thank you” Miles