Mornington based, BabyDink baby carrier is put on like a t-shirt – there is NO WRAPPING, no buckles and clips! The design is all about simplicity and style. It’s not only comfy but makes you feel as good as you look wearing it. BabyDink’s purpose is to maximise cuddles, ensuring good firm support for the wearer and the baby. Special care has been taken in the design to provide soft, flexible support for the baby’s head, leaving the wearer hands free.

The BabyDink is perfect for kangaroo care, babywearing and skin-to skin contact for even the tiniest babies.

Designed by Jennie Wilson with imput from chiropractors, midwives, osteos, lactation consultants and a vast number of new mums to perfect the design.

The Orginal All-In-One Newborn Baby Carrier ~ Worn just like a Top ~ No Wrapping ~ Proudly Made in Australia

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BabyDink uses barcodes from Barcodes Australia.

BabyDink pink baby carrier BabyDink carrier black BabyDink carrier grey