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Barcode Artwork

Want barcodes that reflect your brand? We can create barcode artwork for your barcode numbers.

Barcodes are usually the ugliest part of product labelling. It is possible to transform barcodes from purely functional (and ugly) to integrate with your product design or enhance the design.
If you have a good designer, they can modify the barcode for you. However, this is often expensive, and sometimes they damage the actual barcode so it won’t scan well.*

We have dedicated designers that can provide customised barcode artwork for you. You must purchase the barcode number first and then tell us about your company and products. Then, our designers can create a design for you.

There are three packages available, detailed below. Any extra design time is charged at a reasonable $40 per hour.

Standard Package $59
Logo Package $79
Enhanced Package $99

If you want to order custom barcodes, please click here

Barcode artwork examples


* Please keep in mind that any image impeding the barcode itself may affect the scannability of the barcode. Hence it is safest to build up and around the barcode and bear in mind barcode dimensions.

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