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CD Barcodes

The standard barcode numbers that we sell (EAN-13) are suitable for use on CDs. These barcodes will work in retail stores and internet stores (e.g. CD Baby, Amazon). (They are also suitable for audio cassettes, LPs, vinyl records & any other product).

Purchase a barcode for your CD below. After we receive your order, we will email your barcode to you. You will receive an EAN barcode number; barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpeg, png, SVG & pdf); a guarantee certificate; and free barcode registration.

“Three barcodes purchased from you in the last 6 years. Three perfect sets of barcode files received as promised. Very fast and efficient service provided all three times. If everyone provided this kind of service, we would have a perfect world. I would recommend Barcodes Australia to anyone. Marc White! Singer / songwriter / author (8 March 2018)”

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    EAN-13 barcode


    Instant email delivery – You will receive an email containing your unique EAN-13 barcode numbers, barcode images (in 4 formats), barcode registration instructions and a Guarantee Certificate.

    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 $ 75
    2 $ 65 each
    3 $ 58 each
    4 + $ 52 each
    5 + $ 45 each
    10 + $ 37 each
    15 + $ 31 each
    20 + $ 25 each
    30 + $ 21 each
    40 + $ 18 each
    50 + $ 15 each
    100 + Please contact us


Some of the CDs & DVDs that are using our barcodes

cd examples


“How do I begin using my barcode on my CD or DVD?”

To begin using your barcode, insert the barcode image into the artwork for your cover (before printing) or print it onto sticky labels to attach to your CD or DVD cover.

When your retailers receive your product, they will enter the barcode number into their system along with your product details (price, description, reordering information). After that, when they scan the barcode, your product information will appear on their screen.

If you are listing your product on an online store that requires barcodes (such as Amazon), there will be an opportunity to enter your barcode number into the form when listing your product.

Your barcode is just a unique number (no product information is directly encoded in it). The only link between your barcode & product is the one created through your retailer’s inventory system.

Feedback from Customers

“We required a barcode urgently for our latest CD release and Barcodes Australia provided us with a barcode the same day that we ordered it. This allowed us to keep to our deadline and was delivered with courteous and professional service. We will use them again for subsequent releases.” Andrew T

“I found Barcodes Australia on the internet when looking to purchase a barcode for my latest CD. The site answered all of my questions quickly and throughly and within 15 minutes I had purchased a barcode and it was emailed to me within the next half hour! What fantastic service and all at a reasonable one off cost. I will definitely be recommending this service to my friends and colleagues, giving them a big wrap. Use these guys, you won’t be disappointed. ” Elizabeth H.

“Many thanks for your kindness and for processing our barcode purchase. We are going to be using them on the artwork of a music album that I have produced. Thank YOU for being above and beyond helpful…! I truly appreciate your advice and kind help.” Sally

“Thanks for replying so rapidly! We are about to print a thousand copies of our film, we really hope that more people will find out what’s going on in Burma. Thanks again for all your help.” Matt