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Coburg Bewing Co. was created by Danial and Jane Caneva who come from generations of publicans. Combining their years of skill and experience in the industry, they were inspired to launch Coburg Brewing Co. in 2013.

We use only quality ingredients and no preservatives. Our recipes are designed to craft a range of brews that celebrate the art of brewing and the culture of beer.

Coburg Lager was the first of our distinctive brews released. Next release was Pentridge Pale Ale, paying homage to our local roots in Coburg, Victoria and was just as enthusiastically received by the community. Now in addition we operate a Brewpub.  People can come together to share their passion for quality brew, and quality time spent with family and friends.

Coburg Brewing Co. has been using barcodes from Barcodes Australia since 2016.

Coburg Brewing Imperial Stout bottle Triple Haze IPA artwork

Son of a Gun IPA artwork Coburg Brewing Pentridge Pale Ale artwork