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Hello Honey

Hello Honey Australia started in 2007 with a little stall at the Noosa Farmer’s Market and the famous Australian www.eumundimarkets.com.au here on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.  The business was started to promote Australian medicinal honey, just like New Zealand’s famous Manuka Honey. We make natural Australian honey and beeswax products.

When you purchase Hello Honey Australia products you are supporting  beekeeping families who utilise organic principles when extracting honey from their hives.  Our honey, pollen, propolis and beeswax is obtained from hives placed amongst Australian native wildflowers and not sprayed crops.

I found Barcodes Australia through a Google search. Ichoose to use Barcodes Australia as the pricing is competitive with no ongoing annual charges. As a small business, I purchased barcodes when funds permitted. All of my products now have barcodes.  I look forward to selling my products internationally now that I have barcoded all of my range. I would recommend Barcodes Australia as they are super helpful.

I attended a barcode seminar to learn more about barcodes when dealing with major chain stores and exporting requirements.  I was glad I chose Barcodes Australia as they do not charge a hefty annual fee to maintain the barcodes.  As a small business it would have been quite a struggle to set aside money for this annual fee that was of no greater benefit.


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