Kiyomee Blends

Victoria-based Kiyomee Blends has been carefully designed with natural food based ingredients to assist in health and beauty. The unique blends are created to help aid, assist and nourish by including ingredients that compliment collagen. Together they create a greater health system, greater immunity and with a balanced diet and exercise program may assist with weight loss.

Kathy Kiedrzynski founder of Kiyomee Blends has over 20 years experience in the beauty and wellness industry. Kathy is known for her attention to detail and a perfectionist in her trade. Recognised now as the creator of excellence in beauty services, she has empowered thousands of people gain control of their wellbeing and inner beauty, helping them reignite their self love and bring confidence back. She shares her passion and purpose through experience and her five-star rating and numerous awards reflect this.

Kiyomee Blends have been using Barcodes Australia barcodes for several years now.