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Barcodes for Magazines

Do you have your ISSN number already?

Yes – If you already have an ISSN number for your magazine (or newspaper or other periodical publication), please proceed and purchase the barcode images for your ISSN number below.

No – If you don’t have an ISSN number, please obtain the ISSN numbers from the National Library of Australia. When you have your ISSN number, come back to us to order the barcode.

Australian ISSN Agency
National Library of Australia
Canberra ACT 2600 ISSN Barcodes Australia

Phone: (02) 6262 1213

Email: issn@nla.gov.au

The ISSN Agency hours are Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4 pm (closed on weekends and public holidays).

We provide standard GS1 format barcodes that can be used worldwide.

Let us know your ISSN number, the format you want (13-digit or 13+2), and whether you have any preferences for the digits in the code (e.g. the price code). See below for information about the 13 digit and 13+2 digit barcodes for magazines.

After you have your ISSN, come back to us to purchase your barcode images (using your ISSN to create your barcode). We will email your barcode to you in five different formats (eps, jpeg, pdf, tiff & BMP).

Purchase the barcode for your ISSN number:

  • ISSN Barcode Images

    ISSN-13 barcode images for your magazine. You will be requested to provide your ISSN number at the checkout page. We will use your ISSN number to create your ISSN barcode images (in EAN-13 format). You will receive your barcode images by email.

    Quantity Price per image
    1  $ 30
    2  $ 25 each
    3  $ 20 each
    4-9  $ 15 each
    10 – 19 $ 8 each
    20 – 49 $ 5 each
    50+ $ 2.50 each

Below are some of the magazines that we have created ISSN barcode images for:

Frankie Press Barcodes Australia

magazine front covers frontcover of Moss Magazine


Examples of Magazines using our Barcodes

How to use your ISSN barcode:

issn barcode example


After receiving your order, we will use your ISSN number to make your 13-digit EAN barcode number which we will then use to create your high resolution (300dpi) barcode images.

You will receive an email containing your barcode images in 4 different formats (jpeg, pdf, eps, BMP & tiff).

To use your barcode, choose the format that you prefer & insert the barcode image into the design for the cover of your magazine (before printing). When your retailers receive your magazine, they will enter the barcode number & product information into their system. After that, your barcode will be connected to your magazine on the retailer’s inventory system. Note – ISSN Numbers can be used worldwide

If you want your barcode to have a supplement number at the end (like in the example below), please let us know when making your order. The two-digit (or five-digit) supplement number at the end can be changed to represent different issues of the magazine.

sample issn 132


“I had information about different options for ways to structure my codes (for serialized publications) but didnt really understand what I needed to do (the barcode system is complex and can be confusing!) so I contacted David with Questions prior to purchase. David responded quickly, was extremely helpful and gave the process clarity. I was also really impressed with the speed my order was processed. I highly recommend Barcodes Australia.” Nicole

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