Merry People

Growing up on a farm in South Gippsland, Victoria, Dani knows how useful gumboots are but couldn’t find a pair that bridged the gap between city and country life. 

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Merry People started in 2014 as an idea, born out of frustration, when Dani was working at a corporate job in Melbourne. With the city’s notoriously unreliable weather, Dani kept wrecking her work shoes and needed a durable and comfortable pair of boots that could withstand commuting and still be suitable to walk into a corporate office.

Merry People green boots

Merry People brings modern design and versatility to the classic waterproof boot.

  • 100% waterproof, quality natural rubber outer to keep you dry.
  • lined with 4mm neoprene to provide warmth and comfort for all day wear.
  • arch support and include removable innersoles to allow for orthotics.
  • tested for durability, waterproofing and our Bobbi boots are tested for sub zero temperatures
  • committed to research and development, with continual improvements in design for our current and new products.

Merry People