Murra Wolka

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Murra Wolka are a fourth generation family business following in the tradition of our father, Joe Skeen snr.

For over 30 years we have been crafting aboriginal products. The tradition lives on with Joe Skeen jnr’s family (AKA “The Mob”) creating Murra Wolka Creations, which in Aboriginal means “hand painted”.

We pride ourselves on being both aboriginally owned and operated.

Based in Queensland, our tribal areas include Gubbi Gubbi, Biri Gubba, Kuku-Yalangi and various other tribes.

Our Aim

To provide a product that is authentic to our culture, made in Australia & supports Aboriginal families.
Something that is made with quality, something that we would be proud take home. Focusing on it being culturally appropriate. You can do your part by buying authentic because fake art harms culture.


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Murra Wolka range includes

Boomerangs & Artifacts


Kids Crafts

Homewares & Accessories

The products have been using barcodes from Barcodes Australia since 2018.