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Proudly Australian owned and operated, Neoflam Australia is the exclusive distributor of the award wining Neoflam cookware collection.

Neoflam Australia believe that every household can enjoy a better, happier and healthier way of cooking with innovation and colour.

Flagship products include cast aluminum cookware with ceramic-based Ecolon non-stick coatingcutting board and color-coated knife protected with Microban antimicrobial protection, bamboo cutting board with natural antimicrobial efficacy, and airtight food storage containers with vacuum valve. The range also includes drinkware, kitchenware and stoneware.

Established in 1991, today their products are available in over 60 countries providing employment opportunities for over 1000 people and enjoying international recognition as a multi-award winning brand for design, functionality and high safety standards.

Neoflam Australia uses barcodes from Barcodes Australia.

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