SAN-AIR Australia

San Air

SAN-AIR Australia aim is to provide the highest quality and the most effective products for the removal of mould, bacteria and other microorganisms in indoor air spaces while only using natural sustainable ingredients.

SAN-AIR has successfully created a family of products that are incredibly effective at killing bacteria and mould in air spaces and on surfaces.

Research and development is ongoing at SAN-AIR, with recent success for a new V3R product range. A TGA listing has been achieved in August 2020 for the SAN-AIR V3R Commercial/Household Grade Disinfectant. See SAN-AIR Science page for independent test results.

SAN-AIR is an Australian company. They use natural, sustainable, high quality Australian ingredients in their products. Their products are made in Australia.

SAN-AIR products use barcodes from us, Barcodes Australia.

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