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Smartass Undies

At smartass undies we produce wearable rememberables. Putting motivational messages on backsides, some a little cheeky, occasionally edgy, always thought-provoking. Our aim is to put smiles on dials, improve lives and make the world a better place by covering one butt at a time.

We found Barcodes Australia through a google search. I had been messing around trying to make my own barcodes in excel, struggling to get my head around the GS1 process and not receiving replies to messages to them, in my search to understand barcodes I came across the Barcodes Australia site. With an Australian phone number provided I called and was able to have all my questions clarified. You simplified the barcode mystery and made the whole process a walk in the park. As my product range grows I will most certainly be buying all of my future barcodes from Barcodes Australia.

As an e-commerce business I knew I needed barcodes from the get go. Products will be sold online on own site. All products will have Barcodes Australia numbers.

Barcodes Australia solved all my problems and steered me in the right direction, I wish someone had pointed me your way from the very beginning.

I absolutely recommend Barcodes Australia. If you want the process to be simple, great value and fast, contact David and Moya to get it all sorted.


Smartass Undies