Take It Once – Why They Chose Barcodes Australia

Take It Once

Take It Once

Take it Once (takeitonce.com) is a market leader in the provisions of one at a time napkins and dispensers to quick service restaurants (QSRs).

With over 14 years in business, our customers range from individual operators to global food franchises, and we look forward to working with you and helping improve your environmental footprint.



How did you hear about Barcodes Australia and why have you chosen us as your barcodes supplier?

We called Barcodes Australia after researching various sites on google. Barcodes Australia provided us with great advice, information and pricing. When we began manufacturing, we had a small number of customers, and one product line so did not implement any form of barcodes. However as our business, clients and global network grew, it was imperative that we had a proper system to identify our product lines and current inventory. We supply into wholesale businesses and distributors who stock our paper products, predominately paper napkins. With Barcodes Australia, our barcode application over the many years we have used them has been quite seamless. I would, and have many times recommended Barcodes Australia – especially when you are starting out and need more information as to how it all works; the staff have always been helpful and knowledgeable.