You Knead Sourdough

South Australia based, You Knead Sourdough, was the brainchild of Josh Timms.
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Josh has a pure love of baking. He has been making lots of delicious sourdough bread and love sharing with friends and family. People often asked him “wow, how do you do that?” and his answer is always “it’s easy!”. So after helping out some friends make their own sourdough, Josh thought he’d set out to help as many people as possible make their own delicious artisan sourdough from scratch.

The starter kit will have you baking your own delicious sourdough at home in no time! Great for both new and experienced bakers, this kit has all the tools you knead to produce nutritious and beautiful looking artisan sourdough bread that will not only taste great, but look great as well.

Follow Josh’s blog to get great receipes and tips.

You Knead Sourdough supply;

flours & starters

baking tools

flour & grain mills

You Knead Sourdough bag You Knead Sourdough kit


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