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We are the only barcode reseller in Australia that can arrange accredited verification reports for the bar code numbers we sell. That means our barcodes are accepted in more retail stores than any other bar code reseller in Australia, NZ, the USA and the rest of the world.

We offer a complimentary registration service for all barcodes purchased from us: we will register your barcode number and product on the major international barcode/product databases.

Confused about barcodes? So were we…

Barcodes Australia
We are here to help you at an affordable price. We are nice people and try to be helpful – if you have any questions, please contact us. David Allis, Director


A few years ago, we wondered how to buy a barcode for a great new product we were introducing to the market. This started our long and detailed investigation into the strange world of barcodes.

We were told we needed to join a large international barcodes organisation and pay the joining fee and the annual fee. In additon we couldn’t just buy 1 barcode, we would have to buy a large number of barcodes.

We only wanted one barcode number, but that was not an option. We soon discovered other businesses were asking the same questions and experiencing the same problems.

It really shouldn’t be this difficult. So, Barcodes Limited was formed – not to make lots of money – but to help people like you get two or three barcodes quickly and easily.

Y’know – that’s pretty amazing service! I asked you a question at 5:30pm, and you replied within the hour. I ordered at 6:49pm and closed down for the night. When I turned on my computer early the next morning, there were my barcodes! Really easy, really fast and at a great price! Thanks, Mate!’ – Colin

‘That’s marvellous, David, thanks a lot. That was the first time I needed a barcode graphic, I had no idea how to, yet within a few minutes on google, I hooked up with you and here they are for $30. Magic. I expect to need a few more over the coming months.’ – Terry K.

Are you paying annual fees to GS1? You don’t have to. Look here to see the alternative.

When you buy from Barcodes Australia, you get:


The cost of a single barcode number with images and a guarantee certificate is only $75. The price reduces if you purchase more barcodes, e.g. 20 barcodes cost $35 each. There are no joining fees, no membership forms to fill in, no annual fees, no set-up charges, or ongoing costs and commitments. And the barcode is yours for life.

EAN-13 numbers

Our barcode numbers are EAN-13 format numbers (European/International Article Numbers), but if you prefer, we can provide you instead with UPC-A 12-digit numbers (Universal Product Code). All types we sell originate from GS1-US (Global Standards One), previously known as the Uniform Code Council or UCC.

A verification service

We can provide a verification report for your printed barcode. Barcode verification reports are required by some retail chains in Australia and NZ. This means that barcodes purchased from us will be accepted by a wider range of retail stores.

Instant barcodes

We now supply EAN13 barcodes automatically within a few minutes – via our automated website. If we need to manually create any barcodes for you, our turn-around time is usually 1 to 12 hours, depending on how busy we are and the time zone difference.

Friendly and helpful customer service

We are a well-respected supplier of affordable barcodes, and many of our customers have returned to us time and time again. Please read some of our recent customer feedback.

An authentic certificate guaranteeing your lifetime, legal ownership of a unique barcode

We are a legal company with an office in Auckland, New Zealand. A charitable trust owns our company, so ALL profits are used for charitable purposes in Australia, NZ & worldwide. (We don’t just claim to give money to charity – we are OWNED by a registered charity). We provide you with a PDF guarantee certificate at no extra cost.

Ownership: it’s all yours

You will own the barcode numbers outright. They are yours for life. You can even re-use them for other products once you have stopped making your current products.

Free registration service

We offer a complimentary registration service for all barcodes purchased from us. This means we will register your barcode number and product on the major international barcode/product databases.

Barcodes Australia

The name says it all at Barcodes Australia – we’re the only site you need to remember for retail barcode numbers in Australia. Our barcode numbers start at just $75 and go down from there when you order multiple barcodes – when you order ten, and they’re just $42 – so you can see we’re committed to low prices. All barcode orders include a guarantee certificate, product registration and high-resolution print images, plus we’re the only barcode reseller in Australasia that can support our barcodes with accredited verification reports – so don’t confuse us with our competition. You’ll lose out! At Barcodes Australia, our barcode numbers are accepted in more retail stores than any other barcode reseller across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and other countries.

We founded Barcodes Australia after our own dip into the world of barcodes. Although we just wanted one, we were told we needed to join an international barcodes organisation, pay a joining fee and an annual fee too – and all for one barcode? We didn’t think so either, so we started our own company instead, breaking free from the barcode bureaucracy and banishing joining fees and membership applications – we sell barcodes cheaply and efficiently. If you’re new to barcodes and not quite sure where to start, talk to one of our team today, we’re here to help you get your stripes.

Quick & Easy Barcodes

Getting a barcode for your product shouldn’t be that difficult – and it isn’t. We’ve proved it by becoming one of the most successful suppliers of barcodes in Australia, and we’re confident we offer the best value for money in the business. We’re cheap, and we’re fast too – orders for barcode numbers are normally filled within a couple of hours, or next morning if you order late in the day, and even faster if you call and tell us you’re up against the clock. As well as your numbers, you’ll get barcode images in five standard formats, all the way up to super high-res 2540dpi if you need them.

Don’t pay over the top prices for your barcode numbers – get them from Barcodes Australia today and avoid the fees and the fuss!

And Our Australian Customers Say …

“Thanks for the prompt service. I know you probably hear it all the time, but I do appreciate being rescued from the GS1 site and all the quagmire I was trawling through to get 6 bar codes” Jo C.

“Will continue to buy from Barcodes Australia while the excellent service we’ve enjoyed continues. Cheers.” Ross

“Hi David, you’re a star… Thanks again for your speedy service. I’ll be back to you again in a few months when we expand the range again.” Carly

“Thanks for the barcodes. I need to order another one… I also bought four from you a couple of years ago. We haven’t had any problems with them.” Melissa W

“Thanks, David, Impressive Service, we know where to come for future orders” Sam D.