Custom Barcodes

What are custom barcodes?

Artwork can be added around the barcode to enhance the packaging design. Some designs are very clever. These often have something growing out of the top of them, such as trees or plants, or incorporate the usual barcode image into another kind of picture. See the examples below.

What can you customize on a barcode?

The barcode image itself should remain almost the same. The artwork should not infringe on the scannable part of the barcode (as this can affect the scannability). Hence barcode art incorporates the barcode into another kind of image.

Who offers customized barcodes?

If you are interested in arranging custom barcode art for your product, talk to your graphic designer and see if they can do this. You can also try doing it yourself, although it can be rather complicated and generally you need a decent amount of graphic design skill. You can also talk to us about it, as it is something we can arrange.

Sample images:

See samples below:

Pack of smokes barcodeStretch Zebra barcodeSleep barcodePizza barcodeUmbrella barcode


See our barcode art page for more examples, or contact us to arrange a custom barcode for you.

More examples of Custom Barcodes

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